About Vidumina

Vidumina Ihalagedara

Vidumina is one of the finest wedding photographers based in Sri Lanka to date. The first thing he seeks out of his work is your satisfaction and pleasure. Vidumina's strong obsession and commitment always keep him on the go and make sure he's a pro in his game. He doesn't usually get enough of capturing you and your beautiful partner. He also has a thing about the entire surrounding which he uses to embellish every moment (which you'll notice when you flip through his albums).

This happy-go-lucky guy is here to know how you dreamt of your special day to be and make it a reality. He ensures unmatchable expertise, creativity and finally a bunch of eternal memories to be cherished. Vidumina seeks self-satisfaction by following his passion and that is what makes him exceptional.

With so much delight, we look forward to adding more sparkle to your special day with the divine combination of love and nature to making every moment utterly refreshing.You will be assured that it's a fascinating experience to be extremely easeful and express your most natural sentiments towards each other. We impressed to welcome your special choice to trust our creative guts, commitment to your requirements, strong sensitivity to nature, to depict your love story with the perfect ambience it deserves.


On the special day of your life, we ensure you to freeze your natural and charming emotions without wearing you out.

We commit ourselves to make the best out of the location you pick by blending you and your partner with nature. We use natural colors, shapes and always offer you a refreshing experience to flip through your photographs.

We take on only one wedding per day.

We truly ensure you our best and the fact that we don’t deploy assistant photographers or fill-ins for a wedding that we took on.

In addition to your wedding album, we guarantee you a properly edited compilation of best the photographs we take on the special day.

We use competitive new devices and equipment

We make certain that we devote ourselves to the limit and that you receive an exceptionally unique wedding album worth cherishing for a lifetime.